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Products and Services

Trees and Shrubs


We are one of the only large-scale tree farms in Southwestern-Ontartion specializing in large caliper trees. Caliper trees are larger/mature trees with root balls bound in burlap. We carry many different species including: Maples, Oaks, RedWoods, Evergreens, and more! 

Unique Selection

Whether your landscape plans are to create privacy with a hedge of shrubs or create a shady focal point with a large tree or two on your property, we have the trees you need to make something beautiful. 


 Delivery options for large trees and shrubs are available.


From well established local suppliers, to our own greenhouse grown and propagated varieties – Maidstone Tree Farm is known locally for having the best variety and quality of perennials for your garden.


Also, depending on the season, we carry Spring annual baskets, Fall mum annual pots, and other seasonal decor for your home and landscape!

Mulch and Soils

To help your newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials, it is important to use the right planting medium! At Maidstone Tree Farm, we offer an assortment of quality soil mixes, amendments, and mulches.

TreeGator Products

The original Treegator® is an innovative slow release watering bag for newly planted trees, shrubs, and evergreens – saving you on water and the time it takes to keep watering!


Available in two sizes, the Treegator® Original and smaller Treegator® Jr are available now at Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre. For more information on Treegator® and how to set-up and use, please watch the provided instructional video:

Algreen Products

Algreen Products is a Canadian company from Cambridge, ON committed to making beautiful and long lasting outdoor planters, pots, and rain barrels for Canadian gardens. We are proud to offer a line of Algreen Products for your home and garden at Maidstone Tree Farm. You can browse our Potter’s Shed and collection of quality outdoor resin pots and planters today!

Sunflower and Corn Field

In late summer when the days start to get a little shorter, Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre looks forward to our harvest of sunflowers and corn in the back of the farm! Sunflower Field photo opportunities and times will be announced for late Summer 2023, follow us on social media for more information and to stay up-to-date with our projects around the farm!

Landscape Design

More information on how Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre can help you create something beautiful is coming soon!

Guarantee and Warranty

More information on our Refund Policy & Warranty, or Our “Get Growing” Guarantee, will be coming soon!