Photo of grape hyacinths

We realize it’s a busy time of year for many of you, including here on the farm, but don’t let the cool, crisp mornings fool you – we are still very much in summer!

Here are three ‘Green Thumb’ suggestions you may want to get done in September:

  1. Deadheading: Those perennials and trees that originally come to us from warmer zones will continue to grow and reach for all of those last remaining hours of late summer sun! In order to help with the blooms, don’t forget the thankless task of deadheading back spent flowers on perennials or annuals to encourage as much growing as possible.

  1. Spring Bulbs: If you are able to pick up some spring bulbs/tubers, September is perfect for planting those early spring risers in pockets around your garden – many varieties often appearing early in the spring! What’s more beautiful than a drift of Grape Hyacinth (for example) blooming through a dusting of spring snow.

  1. Collect Seeds: Not to try and put ourselves out of the business of selling flowers, but this time of year is ideal to collect and save seeds from perennials around your garden! I’ve had great success at home with collecting coneflower and milkweed seeds and propagating different corners of my yard.

Until October,

Maidstone Tree Farm & Garden Centre

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